Every spoonful of Mountain High Yoghurt is creamy and fresh-tasting because we only use the most essential ingredients—like milk and cultures. Plus, it has high protein (to support your health) at a very good price (easy on your wallet). In creamy Vanilla, delicious Honey and good ol' Plain.

For whole-milk goodness and the protein and calcium your body needs, Original Style Mountain High Yoghurt hits the spot. It has great flavor and a good price and is excellent in recipes. What's not to love?

Low in fat but high in flavor, Lowfat Mountain High Yoghurt is smooth, creamy and crazy delicious. And by the way,
it's super affordable.

With 0% milkfat and at least 10g of protein in each serving, Fat Free Mountain High Yoghurt is an excellent choice if you're watching your calories OR minding a budget.You get great nutrition, lower calories*, and zero fat, all in one tasty package.

*Mountain High Original Style Plain:170 calories per 8 oz;
Mountain High Fat Free Plain: 110 calories per 8 oz.