Plan The Perfect Sunday Picnic

What better way to spend a Sunday than enjoying a picnic with your favorite people? Follow these tips and ideas to make your picnic even more perfect.


Don’t skimp on the blankets. (Comfort is key!) Make sure to pack a few picnic blankets for extra padding and coverage.

Try to pack only as much food as you will eat and waste less. The sun can make food perish faster than normal so be mindful of the quantity of food.

Re-use a box as your picnic basket and used Mountain High Yoghurt tubs as containers for side dishes when packing your picnic items.

Make sure you keep your food the proper temperature with ice packs and by separating perishables with non-perishables and beverages.

Bring along board, card and yard games to enjoy after your meal.

Bring along your favorite book or magazine for a relaxing read.

Don’t forget to pack your iPod so you can jam out in the fresh air.