25 Junk Drawer Items To Organize

It’s time to close the lid on clutter. Organizing the small stuff can make a big difference in how your home feels.


  1. Pocket change
  2. Small toys
  3. Pens and pencils
  4. Pins thread and other sewing items
  5. Birthday candles and Tea lights
  6. Disposable silverware
  7. Candy, snacks and other treats
  8. Drill bits, nails, screws and other small tools
  9. Cables, cords and chargers
  10. Tea leaves and coffee beans
  11. Paper pads and Notebooks
  12. Tape, glue and other craft items
  13. Ribbon, gift tags and gift bows
  14. Recyclable tabs and bottle tops
  15. Sponges and scrubbing pads
  16. Paint brushes and loose paints
  17. Vitamins and medicine
  18. Batteries
  19. Plastic bags
  20. Old receipts
  21. Rubber bands, paper clips and clothes pins
  22. Dice, miniature and other game accessories
  23. Yarn and twine
  24. Keys and Key chains
  25. Napkins and plate mates


  1. Stick loose clutter items in a Mountain High tub and label the outside.
Six Mountain High Yogurt tubs repurposed as storage containers, storing coins, legos, paint brushes, and cookies.